Ouest-Edel is an open access electronic scientific journal management platform. It supports researchers, laboratories and research teams in their editorial projects for wide or targeted dissemination in compliance with the principles and rules of open access and, more generally, of open science.


  • Revue Francophone sur la Santé et les Territoires

    Since 2015, the Unité Mixte de Recherche ESO 6590, « Espaces et SOciétés », has been publishing the Revue francophone sur la santé et les territoires. Exclusively electronic and constantly updated, the journal studies, in an interdisciplinary approach, the spatial dimension of health and, conversely, the health dimension of territories. It hosts thematic issues (coordinated by one or more authors) and a section “Workshops and seminars”.

  • Passerelles SHS

    Passerelles SHS is a multidisciplinary journal led by doctoral students from the Societies, Time, Territories (STT) Doctoral School. It highlights the many bridges that are woven between disciplines through multidisciplinary approaches in the humanities and social sciences. The Passerelles SHS journal is an open space for reflection on the practices and methods of these scientific approaches.

  • Cahiers Nantais

    Les Cahiers Nantais is the biannual journal of the Institute of Geography and Planning of the University of Nantes. Since 1970, Les Cahiers Nantais has promoted geographical production relating to the West of France.

  • Mondes du Tourisme

    Mondes du tourisme is a research journal dedicated to tourism. It asserts that tourism can be constructed as an object of scientific knowledge that can be isolated from the flow of events and processes in human societies. Its scientific and editorial project aims in particular to encourage the invention of new theoretical frameworks or concepts in order to better understand the processes at work. It is the crossroads of scientific work from social science disciplines (planning and urban planning, anthropology, economics, geography, history, management sciences, communication, political science, sociology, etc.)